Manual Processes and Driving Change in Business

Are you reacting to information instead of being proactive with information?

Lee McFadyen – SVA Holdings Technology Executive

Most companies document everything they do from a business process point of view and they do it exceptionally well. When documenting these business processes, by default it creates the implementation of a manual and paper-based process. The problem with working in a manual and paper-based business is the access and utilization of information, let me explain. Once it is on paper you can’t interrogate it, you can’t search it and you can’t trend it. Furthermore, it goes into an archive never to be called upon again. You could say this is the main reason why the integration of technology and data in your business is important. In today’s times, the digital world, your access to information is simple and quick so it makes sense to automate manual processes so that you can get access to this data simply and quickly.

This is the restriction manual processes place on you and your business:

• Delayed access to information.
• Lack of usability of information post activity.
• Tedious and time consuming.
• Often creates obstacles instead of optimization.
• You react to information instead of being proactive with information.

The reason people don’t want to move to the digital world is because of resistance to change, it’s almost as if change threatens our sense of security, when in actual fact change is intended to enhance our sense of security, because it is the one constant.

Another thing we have noticed in business is that a manual process seldomly gets reviewed because of the change required to change the process. With a digital process you can amend it on the fly because of your ability to optimize and reoptimize it a lot quicker.

The biggest hurdle for not moving into business process automation is because of the assumed cost associated in doing so, as well as the assumed sophistication. The is an understandable objection because in every industry there are business entities with a walk in, get paid and walk out approach. However, there are also many businesses like ours that use the walk with approach, the attitude and mindset that our success is solely dependent on the value we are able to add to you and your business. We need to understand this in all industries, not all businesses are inherently good or all of them inherently bad, not all of them are self-focused, just like not all of them are customer focused. We have each had our fair share of good experiences and our fair share of bad experiences, but we cannot assume all experiences to be had based on one we just had.

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