Business Process Automation and how it could be benefitting your business

What happens when you can see the past, predict the future and make decisions in the present with data?

Lee McFadyen – Lee McFadyen – SVA Holdings Technology Executive

Business Process Automation (BPA) is the use of technology to automate manual processes in your business, manual processes being defined as the actions and activities that happen daily. Automating these manual processes gives you access to past, current and future information, which in turns allows you to optimize and redirect your business.

What do we mean by future information?

When you convert information in your business into data, you have access to digital historic information. This gives you the capability to be predictive. Most people only use what they have today, to make decisions today, but what happens when you can see the past, predict the future and make decisions in the present with data. This is where remarkable transformation happens because you are going with the current, instead of against it. You are using todays latest commodity, data and digitization over yesterday’s commodity of paper and manual actions or activities.

What happened yesterday, what will happen today and where will be tomorrow… data gives us insight into this, right here and right now. Imagine access to your businesses data like this, seeing your daily actions and activities as data rather than on paper. This is what we imagine and strive to create for businesses. We give you the information of yesterday, today, to change and redirect your tomorrow.

People need not be afraid of data; it is the new currency of the world that can and should be benefiting you and your business. We believe in digitization and data to create sustainable, lasting change and success in your business. Data enhances the value of people it doesn’t replace the necessity for people and for us it comes down to a question of value… and data can enhance that value.

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