Transformation and Execution in Business

Our approach could be radically different, but we see it as relatively simple

Lee McFadyen – SVA Holdings Technology Executive

We don’t know if you have experienced this, where a company comes in and tells you what you already know about your business and wants to charge you for the service they just offered. They don’t help with the true identification of obstacles, the implementation of a viable and sustainable solution, the execution of that solution as well as the impact it will have in and on your business. Your approach determines your landing. Your approach is the way you deal with a situation or problem and this is the approach we believe in when it comes to solving a business’s problem/s:

• Introduction
• Identification
• Implementation
• Continuous Improvement/s

Introduction, identification, implementation and continuous improvements is the viable and sustainable model we use to solve customers problems. Our approach could be radically different, but we see it as relatively simple however, not to confuse simple with easy, any viable and sustainable change requires a team of people. We see this when we see new clients and customers and start automating their manual processes. Processes need to drive business not hinder them, we want to create optimization not obstacles, this is why business process automation is such a large component of our service offering to customers.

Introduction is where get to learn and understand our customer and their business as well as their business environment. This for us, is the listening and learning phase of our approach. In the identification phase we ask the right questions to gather intel for the right answer or solution. What does their daily operation consist of and what are their constraints? In the identification phase It’s important to spend time with people who know what the problems are instead of wasting time looking for an answer somebody already knows. Introduction is about listening and learning whereas identification is about gathering intel and developing a solution.

Implementation is where the game is won or lost here, not identification of information but rather the implementation and utilization of that information. To develop a solution is one thing to implement is another and that is why this is an important separate step in our approach. Businesses always change and adapt to their customers, market verticals, changes in regulations and business environments and hence our last phase is a continuous improvement phase where we assess where and how we can improve the implemented solution.

This is the approach we believe in, which we refer to as a ‘walk with’ approach to solving businesses or customers challenges, problems or obstacles. Walk with your customer, don’t walk in, offer a solution and walk out. Walk the journey with them and they will continue a journey with you.

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